At Homestay Max we strive to provide the best homestay experience! We use student fees to compensate our host families so that they may also continue to provide a clean and safe learning environment for our students!

The first step as a student is to fill out our student application. From there one of our housing coordinators will contact you via email with more information on placement fees

As of 2023 prices are as follows:
Application Fee: $220 USD Make Payment
Homestay Fee: Starting at $950 in Salt Lake City and $1150 USD in San Diego. 
*note: Homestay link does charge $150.00 per month monitoring fee with students and interns on F-1, M-1, or J-1 Visas.
Airport Pickup Service: $55 in Salt Lake City and $65.00 in San Diego USD Make Payment
Airport Dropoff Service: $55 in Salt Lake City and $65.00 in San Diego USD
*note: using TRACS is only $2.50 to get to downtown SLC.