The arrangement between a parent or guardian with a local custodian of a student who will be 17 years and younger is usually an informal one. It is known as an informal custodianship in most states and provinces in the United States and Canada. Often, this type of custodianship does NOT necessitate a family court order. A custodian can be an extended family member, family friend, or homestay family member.

A custodian must be a local citizen or a permanent resident. She or he should be able to assist with the guardianship role as a school registration requirement. The custodian will substitute a guardian who lives abroad with her or his duties. The following are guardianship responsibilities with the school.

The custodian duties:

Assist the student school registration or arrival at school:

During the academic year:

When help is required:

If you are a parent or a guardian who needs help with this custodianship arrangement for your son or daughter, please email us at or call our homestay coordinator at +1 619 291 3304.